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Removal of moles in Torrejón de Ardoz

We remove moles and others
skin lesions.

In the CO2 Laser session you can eliminate 10 to 12
of the following lesions (depending on their size):

Warts Ruby Points Siringomas Milium Xantelasmas Nevus

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removal of moles, warts and other lesions with CO2 Laser

One of the most common aesthetic treatments among patients, and one that is performed most frequently in specialized aesthetic clinics, is the removal of moles, warts and other lesions

There are many reasons that can lead a person to make this decision, from a medical condition to the simple fact of wanting a different physical appearance. Whatever the reason you are thinking about removing a mole or other lesion, it is important that you educate yourself well about this procedure.

El tratamiento más recomendado en la actualidad, es el Láser de CO2. ENGLISH The most recommended treatment today is the CO2 laser. Among its many advantages, we can highlight the short time with which the treatment is carried out In addition to this, it is a practically painless, minimally invasive procedure, and best of all, it does not leave scars or marks!

eliminación de lunares y verrugas clínica bk torrejón de ardoz
eliminacion de lunar clínica médico estética bk torrejón de ardoz

How is the CO2 laser procedure performed?

The procedure to carry out this treatment is very simple, fast and always supervised by our specialist doctor.

First, the patient and the professional in charge will do a dermatological study to identify the type of mole or skin lesion with which they are being treated and where the reasons for which the mole is to be removed will be specified

After the case has been analyzed, our specialist will proceed to anesthetize the area where the patient has the mole or injury.

As a third step, and it is of vital importance, the area to be treated will be cleaned and disinfected.

From this moment the laser will go to work. It will go through the previously established areas, and then a kind of small and very superficial burns will form that will fulfill the function of eliminating the mole.

Finally, a cream will be applied that will help the skin regeneration and instructions for aftercare will be given.

cuidados posteriores a la eliminación de lunares clínica bk

Post-treatment care

After the procedure has been completed, the patient must follow a series of cares to obtain better results

Among these we have the following recommendations

Apply the specific topics prescribed by our specialist during the first 5 days.

Protect the skin avoiding direct exposure to the sun, applying sunscreen twice a day, every day. This for at least 30 days after treatment.

Be attentive to any abnormality out of the ordinary that the treated area may present

Attend the control appointment without fail.

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We are experts in aesthetic medicine, nutrition, laser hair removal, facial and body treatments.

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