microneedling con dermapen en torrejón de ardoz clínica bk


At the Médico Estética BK located in Torrejón de Ardoz, we have qualified and highly experienced professionals. We are specialists in the most innovative medical aesthetic treatments and we have state-of-the-art equipment


The Microneedling It is a minimally invasive procedure that involves the induction of collagen in the skin through microneedles.

It is a widely used treatment in the world of aesthetic medicine as it reduces the appearance of scars or marks, fighting skin aging through mechanical alteration.

How does Microneedling work?

Formerly, Microneedling was performed through a roller that, when rotating on the surface of the skin, entered small needles, which caused micro perforations, which became a stimulus for the skin to manufacture collagen, a protein substance that gives support and subjection to the tissues

Its disadvantage is that the depth of the puncture could not be regulated, so the treatment was not so specific in each patient.

The new devices such as the Dermapen, allow us in the Bk Aesthetic Clinic, to program the depth of penetration of the needles according to the area of ​​the face through which we are going to perform the procedure.

This translates into high effectiveness in fewer sessions. At the same time, the facial results are more remarkable with which you will achieve better firmness and elasticity.

How the Dermapen works

The Dermapen contains at its tip several tiny needles that perform multiple punctures that in turn create micro wounds, these small wounds function as channels for active ingredients such as amino acids and vitamins to penetrate 90%

This procedure is carried out with the aim of stimulating the growth factors of cell regeneration.. A process that the body repairs automatically.

Through the Dermapen the discomfort is almost imperceptible and very tolerable. The treatment can be done on all skin types, even delicate areas such as neckline and neck can be treated safely and safely

With treatment Microneedling Through the Dermapen, we achieve an effect similar to that of the laser, but without the risk of creating spots or pigmentation and with a faster recovery since it is an outpatient procedure

Advantages of Microneedling

  • Attenuate facial wrinkles
  • Correct scars
  • Attenuate stretch marks
  • Remove spots produced by the sun
  • Correct uneven skin tones
microneedling en torrejón de ardoz clínica bk
microneedling clínica médico estética bk torrejón de ardoz


Contraindications for this treatment are very few, among which we can find are:

  • Skin conditions or having an active infection
  • People prone to keloid formation

The most common side effect is mild skin irritation that disappears over time. It is recommended in later hours you do not sunbathe, do not perform physical activity, do not use swimming pools or saunas, or use makeup for 24 hours.


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At the BK Clinic you can enjoy the best aesthetic medical treatments in Torrejón de Ardoz.

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